Focus:  Outline management actions for improvement now. 

Today is the perfect time to refocus, revitalize, reinvent, or reorganize your organization. The opportune time for business improvement is during periods of slowdown or a crisis. Many organizations are tempted to deploy crisis management during these times. This is a mistake that could lead to a fatal error for the organization. Economic downturn is the time when it is most critical not to abandon sound leadership principles for business success.  

    Now is the time to:

A          Provide a common focus

A          Improve business processes

A          Develop your people  

People rally around a cause. Today, you have the opportunity to focus the organization around the common cause--keeping the organization going. The organization needs to engage the minds and the hearts of its people to believe in a sense of purpose for themselves and the organization.


Focus on the output of your process

Orient toward your customer

Commit mind, heart and resources

Understand the desired outcome

Share focus with everyone


People can improve processes that achieve bottom line results. Processes are just as important today as they were in the past.  Processes are the key to surviving today and then thriving in the future. These days, the organization can increase productivity and improve processes to reduce costs, increase competitiveness and satisfy customers.


      Improve, invent, reengineer, as appropriate

      Make productivity and quality an obsession

      Promote a disciplined approach

      Recognize the value of people

      Orient toward the customer

      Visualize the ideal, long-term, total organization

      Encourage relationships between process owners, suppliers, and customers


People make the difference in a high performing organization. Currently, your organization can take advantage of economic conditions to assure your people are the best. You can develop your people to build their competence and improve the strength of the organization.


Define competencies for high performing organization

Establish standards of performance for your organization

Validate development needs

Enable development through training, education, coaching

Let people take responsibility for own development

Observe progress by behaviors and results

Pursue excellence in everyone


It is easy to come up with excuses.  You may think the following:

F  Not enough money

F  Not enough time

F  Stretched too thin by doing too many things

F  Focused on cost-cutting

F  Confused