VICTORY-C Elements

    Today business environment demands that your company continually seek Excellence. This is VICTORY. The Business Coach's model for achieving Excellence is shown below as  VICTORY-C.  Through the VICTORY-C model, any organization can continuously focus on excellence.  


Customersí Drive Total Satisfaction

    Customers are focus of the organization.  Without customers and the organizationís ability to fulfill customerís needs, there will be no organization. The customer pays employeeís wages. The customer determines inventory. The customer dictates product quality and service quality. The customer determines on-time delivery. The customer is the driver of all the organizationís processes. The customer defines organizational excellence. Therefore, the customer drives everything within the organization. 

Visioning with a Customer Focus 

    A common purpose of vision, mission and values guides the organization to desired business results.  There must be a constancy of purpose throughout the organization. The focus provides the common reason for joint action. When aligned in the organization, the vision, mission, values, goals, and plans provide a common purpose for all to follow. 

Involving Everyone and Everything in Team Based Organization 

    Total involvement of everyone and everything in the organization requires a systematic team-based organization focusing on total customer satisfaction. Everyone includes the entire organization including management, the entire workforce in the organization, suppliers, and customers. Everything comprises systems, equipment, and information. 

Continuously Improving for the Customer 

    The continuous improvement of all systems in the organization is essential to driving organizational excellence. Continuous improvement of product, processes, and people in an organization is a never-ending pursuit. Leaders in the organization drive continuous improvement through the establishment and maintenance of a continuous improvement system. A disciplined continuous improvement methodology is required for victory. The improvement methodology must be used continuously and consistently throughout the organization. 

Training Leads to People Development 

    A people development system must be instituted. People development is a never-ending process for everyone in the organization. This is an investment that must be made. People development provides the skills, knowledge and attitude -- the ability and willingness to make it happen. Ultimately, the performance of the people in the organization can make or break the organization. 

Owning the Work Process 

    Ownership is critical to high performance results in the workplace. People in the organization must feel they own systems, processes, and their actual work. Ownership implies the ability to perform and improve systems, processes and the work itself.  Everyone must have ownership of his or her work. It involves encouraging and empowering people to create ideas and make decisions. Ownership is important to ensure pride of workmanship. Ownership creates pride and commitment.

Recognizing and Rewarding High Performance 

A recognition and reward system supports an excellent organization.  The recognition and rewards system must foster appropriate behaviors and extraordinary actions to continuously improve the organization. 

Yearning for Success 

Leadership must have an intense desire to win. In addition, the people in the organization must believe enough in their leaders to devote their energies toward the vision of the leader. This requires both leaders and followers to make the personal commitment necessary for success. 

Leading the Organization to VICTORY 

Leadership is essential for any successful organization. Leaders influence the organizationís people to achieve the common focus. The leaders of the organization set the example for actions throughout the organization. Leaders create the reason to work productively. They inspire the people in the organization. They bring meaning to the work place by allowing each person to focus on their contribution to the greater good - the needs of the customer. 

The following are the essential considerations for a VICTORY leader: 

            Lead by example

            Establish a common focus

            Act to develop teamwork

            Drive continuous improvement

Empower others

            Recognize and motivate performance