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Coaches Keep You on the Ball.

 Coaching involves intensive application focused on specific results (VICTORY). 

The Business Coach can help you achieve your specific VICTORY.  The Business Coach offers COACHING FOR RESULTS Programs for individual and/or organizations. There are specialized programs for executives/mangers, sales professionals and first time managers/supervisors.  Please contact  The BUSINESS COACH for your FREE coaching session.

The Business Coach provides personal coaching by telephone, email or in-person. In addition, the coach provides guides for specific application in the organization.  This is unique to The Business Coach.  The first session is FREE. 

Each coaching program is customized to a specific individual and organization using a proven results-oriented program. The amount of time depends on the particular objectives. As little as one hour per month can achieve results. Coaching program start at $250 per month. 

Do You Need a Business Coach?

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Winning Coaches:

Coax answers.
The coach asks questions or provides sources of information that let the individual or organization discover their own answers. The coach does not provide the answers.

Own the process.
The ownership of the VICTORY remains with the individual and/or organization. The coach provides the winning process. The coach assesses plans, provides practice guides, lets the players play the game and evaluates performance. 

Assess the environment.
The coach with players continually monitor the progress of the individual or organization.

Commend the positives.
The coach maintains the player's positive attitude. He constantly builds on strengths and eliminates weaknesses. The coach recognizes achievements and encourages success.

Helps stretch expectations.
The coach motivates the team to perform at 110% with challenging goals.