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Managing for VICTORY

Jim Saylor is dedicated to helping you  achieve your business VICTORY.

James H. Saylor founded The Business Coach in the 1980s to help individuals and organizations achieve their specific Victory.  Victory as defined by the individual or organization are … achieving strategic objectives, exceeding goals, getting results or desired outcomes. He has extensive experience assisting businesses achieve top and bottom line results. He has broad practical experience creating WINNERS in many organizations and industries. He has hands-on experience in executive leadership, operations, logistics, sales, program management, organizational development, training, and customer service. He has coached teams to achieve results in strategic planning, business development, organizational design, sales, customer response and business process improvement.  He has prepared and presented many workshops nationally and internationally. Jim is the author of the top selling TQM Simplified and coauthor of Customer Driven Project Management. His new book is MANAGING FOR VICTORY.

The Business Coach Creates Winning Organizations        

    The Business Coach is built on helping to create excellent organizations that  achieve business results driven by a customer focus.  Over the years, the VICTORY model was developed and proven successful to growing organizations. 

    We can guide any organization to become a winner through the elements of VICTORY. We specialize on growing businesses to a higher level of performance through a combination of VICTORY RESOURCES.

About the Business Coach Organization


Help organizations achieve their specific VICTORY.

Visualize success

Include entire system in excellence

Systemize continuous improvement

Integrate the organization

Orient toward the customer

Nurture through constant communication 


Provide results-oriented business improvement products and services within a reasonable cost.

Make it easy to do business with

Involve customers in everything

Simplify programs

Solve “real” business issues

Identify critical success factors

Operate with trust, integrity and ethics

Nurture constructive relationships

We believe VICTORY in any organization can be achieved by:

Pursuing an organization-wide systems view

Having a customer focus

Instituting continuous improvement

Leading a team-based organization

Owning work processes

Stressing the value of people

Operating on customer metrics

Providing ongoing people development

Having appropriate recognition and rewards

Yearning for business results 

The Business Coach helps organizations achieve VICTORY by:

Providing simple easy-to-use action processes to achieve results

Respecting individual and organization differences

Involving leadership

Nurturing people development in the organization

Creating an excellence organizational environment

Instilling a winning attitude

Producing practical programs, tools and techniques

Listening to customers

Establishing an expert network for complete business solutions

Stressing business results   

The Business Coach advantage: 












The Business Coach has been coaching individuals and organizations to VICTORY since the 1980's.