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Customer-Driven Project Management

(Second Edition)






With "new cases and scheduling Applications -- and New Insights on Project Management in the Internet Age!"

Complete resource for project managers and project executives on project quality management!

Practical guide to doing the right job -- and getting the job done right the first time!

See how embedded quality assures customer satisfaction--and how to schedule quality into the project process.  This newly revised Customer-Driven Project Management steers you to improved project quality management through total customer involvement.  Featuring new chapters on the Internet, quality scheduling, project review, and personal and professional growth planning, this provocative guide offers updated techniques that can help you: 

* Understand customers--and their needs and expectations

*Keep customers productively involved in project management

*Embed quality into the product early in the process

*Make organizations work better with project-driven business models

*Market your PM skills with "Brand You" methods

*Short-circuit stumbles with senior management "insurance"

*Put free PM "Net tools to work for you

*Predict the life cycle of e-businesses

*Draw ideas and inspiration from the Project Management      Institute's Body of Knowledge on project quality management

Designed as a practical step-by-step guide for working project managers and executives, Customer-Driven Project Management is also a superb resource for those who aspire to fully understand the concept of project quality management and to achieve the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.  Helpful guide for anyone who wants to get any kind of team project done better, faster, cheaper, and with greater customer satisfaction.

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