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Business Coaching

Coaching provides intense personal attention involving analysis; planning, instruction, application, and evaluation to continuous improve performance to achieve specific results (VICTORY).

Coaching can be used for an individual or an organization. The use of coaching involves the continual use of the coaching process. For example, first the coach helps the top executive assess the organization. Second, the coach assists the top executive in the development of an action plan to achieve the specific VICTORY. This becomes the contract with the coach. Third, the coach provides instruction on the process. In many cases, this can be accomplished through self-instruction materials tailored to the particular situation. The coach, prior to application, provides a practice session to ensure the top executive knows the specific process to be performed, i.e., this is what needs to be done and how to do it. The top executive needs to be able to apply the instruction to specific situation for success. Fourth, the coach and top executive evaluate performance. The performance evaluation leads to repeating the cycle until VICTORIES can be achieved without further coaching. 

The Business Coach can help you achieve your specific VICTORY.  The Business Coach offers COACHING FOR RESULTS Programs for executives/mangers and sales professionals.  Please contact  The BUSINESS COACH  coachjim@thebusinesscoach.org  for your FREE coaching session.

The coaching process involves:  

Analysis - pre-game appraisal

    Assessing the situation

    Asking questions

    Reviewing experience


Planning - Game plan

    Brainstorming ideas

    Clarifying ideas

    Deciding "critical" issues

    Finalizing an action plan


Instruction - Practice sessions

    Providing instruction


Guidelines for application - Playing the game

    Performing actions from action plan


Evaluation - Post-game review.

    Reviewing content, process, and results

    Discussing what went well and alternatives

    Providing positive reinforcement and encouragement

    Getting agreement on next steps


Coaching Opportunities


Some examples of coaching opportunities are as follows:


    Strategic planning

    Action planning

    Implementing organizational development

    Dealing with change

    Focusing on continuous improvement

    Developing leaders and/or members

    Growing facilitators

    Helping people cope with new roles

    Enhancing innovation and creativity


    Process invention

    Continuous process improvement

    Basic Management or Supervision

    Modern Leadership  


The Business Coach can help you achieve your specific VICTORY.  Please contact  The BUSINESS COACH   coachjim@thebusinesscoach.org  for your