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Individual Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is for you to determine if you could benefit from a personal business coach. 


Please provide answer no or yes as appropriate. 


 1.    You know exactly your specific professional goals and objectives for the next year?

 2.    You know your professional strengths and weaknesses to achieve your goals and objectives?

 3.    You have a plan for achieving goals and objectives?

 4.    You are constantly self motivated to keep your focus?

 5.    You monitor your progress on a regular schedule?

 6.    You know what it takes to achieve success?

 7.      You use a systematic problem solving method to explore alternatives before making a decision?

 8.     You are performing at your best? 

 9.    You always have a positive attitude?

 10.     You can do it all alone?


1.    Your organization is meeting performance expectations? 

2.    Your organization is not experiencing growing pains? 

3.    Your organization can be described as a model of organizational excellence? 

4.    Your organization works smoothly as a team?  

5.    Your organization truly cares for your customers?

6.     Your organization is starting a project and you are comfortable as the leader?

7.     Your organization wants to start eBusiness and you have a Strategic Plan?  

8.     Your organization reaches sales goals consistently?

9.     Your organization is dealing with change effectively?

10.    Your organization has a perfect score in the VICTORY assessment


You should consider a personal business coach if you answered NO to any question?